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Welcome to the Resource Blog! 

Here you will be able to find communications from the RIM team as well as helpful resources and articles.

How To Invest In Today's Market Thumbnail

How To Invest In Today's Market

This video looks at where we are in the stock market cycle and offers some suggestions for how to move forward. Disclaimers can be found here: https://rothmaninvest.com/legal-disclaimer

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Our Story Thumbnail

Our Story

Planning for the future and investing are complicated. As a fee-only, fiduciary, Registered Investment Advisor, we can help clients plan and prepare.

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Larson Patty - My "Why" Thumbnail

Larson Patty - My "Why"

Larson Patty explains why he is helping clients at Rothman Investment Management. “Beautiful Presentation” by RomanSenykMusic. Used by Permission. www.patreon.com/romansenyk https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbxxEi-ImPlbLx5F-fHetEg

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What does it mean to be Fee Only? Thumbnail

What does it mean to be Fee Only?

Many investment advisors operate on a commission basis where they are incentivized to sell products to their clients. Fee-only advisors charge fees for advice, so they have no incentive to promote certain solutions over others.

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