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Welcome to the Resource Blog! 

Here you will be able to find communications from the RIM team as well as helpful resources and articles.

RIM 2022 Q2 Newsletter Thumbnail

RIM 2022 Q2 Newsletter

One of the most important variables in establishing a financial plan is future returns. A few percentage points difference in portfolio return can make or break a plan. Historically, both stock and bond market returns vary significantly from year to year and even longer periods of time can have quite a bit of difference in returns.

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Getting Things Done   Thumbnail

Getting Things Done

Key points: • Keep everything out of your head • Decide actions and outcomes when thing first emerge on your radar instead of later • Regularly review and update the complete inventory of open loops of your life and work

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Estimating Future Returns Thumbnail

Estimating Future Returns

If we have current earnings yield, a reasonable assumption for long-term growth, a time horizon and an assumed exit valuation, future returns becomes a math problem.

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2022 Q2 Market and Economic Outlook Thumbnail

2022 Q2 Market and Economic Outlook

Stocks are still expensive, but momentum is clearly negative. Arguably the biggest driver of higher asset prices – loose monetary policy - is not only ending, but shifting into reverse. The economy appears to be weakening even as the Fed raises rates, but high inflation will keep the pressure on the Fed to keep rates higher.

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Seven Things I've Learned In My Career Thumbnail

Seven Things I've Learned In My Career

Plans change, but don’t fail to plan. My life was planned out, with contingencies, and contingent contingencies. Things did not usually go as planned, and life has been exciting. Having sensible plans and being willing to adapt them is important.

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Is It Time To Sell The Rental House? Thumbnail

Is It Time To Sell The Rental House?

The most up to date national home value information I found goes through April, and shows a long steep rise in home prices, followed by an inflection even steeper. This is consistent with the bubble paradigm where investment bubbles have steady increases in value culminating in a “blow off top” where greed and fear of missing out takes over to push values to unreasonable levels. I do not know whether houses are in a bubble, but the evidence, including this chart, point to that conclusion.

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